RBI Grade B Salary 2023 In-Hand, Per Month Salary & Job Profile

RBI Grade B is a competitive examination conducted by the Reserve Bank of India to recruit officers in its various departments. The exam is held in three phases – Phase I, Phase II, and Interview. The selected candidates will get the basic pay of Rs. 55,200. Candidates will also get the allowances with the basic salary.

RBI Grade B Salary 2023

Basic Pay: The starting basic pay for RBI Grade B officers is Rs. 55,200. In addition to the basic pay, officers are entitled to various allowances such as dearness allowance, house rent allowance, city compensatory allowance, medical allowance, and others. These allowances vary according to the location of the posting. RBI Grade B officers are also eligible for various benefits such as leave travel concession, reimbursement of medical expenses, loans at concessional rates, and more.

The PayScale for the RBI Grade B Officer is Rs 55,200-2850(9)-80850-EB-2850(2)-86550-3300(4)-99750(16 years

RBI Grade B Salary Basic Pay

  • Rs. 55,200

RBI Grade B Salary Grade Allowances

  • Rs. 6,800

RBI Grade B Salary Dearness Allowances

  • Rs. 33,215

RBI Grade B Salary Housing Allowance

  • Rs. 5273

RBI Grade B Salary CVPS Incentives

  • Rs. 827

RBI Grade B Salary Special Prerequisite Allowances

  • Rs. 1465

RBI Grade B Salary Special Allowances- Direct Recruit

  • Rs. 1800

RBI Grade B Salary Local Compensatory Allowances

  • Rs. 3664

RBI Grade B Salary Meal Allowance

  • Rs. 160

RBI Grade B Salary Gross Pay

  • Rs.1,08,404.

RBI Grade B Salary In Hand

  • In Hand Salary = Basic Pay + Allowances – Deduction.

RBI Grade B Salary Per Month

Please Note: Selected candidates will get the Allowances with Basic Salary.

RBI Grade B Salary 2023: Deduction

  • RBI Officers Association: Rs. 40
  • EE NPS Contrib Amount: Rs. 6509
  • House Rent Recovery: Rs. 620
  • Meal Coupon Deduction: Rs. 400
  • Sports Club Membership: Rs. 30
  • Prof Tax-split period: Rs. 200
  • BF EE NPS Monthly Contrib: Rs. 13,018
  • Income Fax: Rs. 5319
  • Total Deductions: Rs. 26,436.
  • MAF: Rs. 300

RBI Grade B Salary After 7th Pay Commission

As of 2021, the total emoluments for an RBI Grade B officer would be approximate Rs. 77,208 per month (including allowances and benefits) at the starting level.

  • Receive an Increment of – Rs. 1750 (up to 9 years )
  • After 9 years is over, your basic pay is: Receive an increment of – Rs. 50,900: Rs. 1750 (for the next 2 years)
  • Further increment of – Rs. 2000 ( for the next 4 years) / then basic pay is = Rs. 54400
  • After 16 years, the maximum basic pay will be Rs. 62400

RBI Grade B Salary 2023- FAQs

What is the Salary for the RBI Grade B?

The Basic Pay is Rs. 55,200

Is there any allowances are given for the RBI Grade B Salary?

Yes, the allowances are given as per the recruitment rule.

What is the RBI Grade B In hand Salary?

In-hand Salary is Basic Salary + Allowances – Deduction.

Is there any deduction on the RBI Grade B Salary?

Yes, the deduction are as per the recruitment rule.