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E-Shram Login

E-Shram Login is huge for the Government of India to benefit the 38 crore unorganised sector of Indians and provides the 2 lacks life insurance facility to the E-Sharm Cardholder. The e-Sharam Login Page helps thousands of people access their accounts and helps in handling the activities of their e-Sharam Card account. E-Sharm CSC helps register for the e-Sharam account to create the Card which facilitates the people for a better future. The government of India have started this facility so that whenever there will be any need for the direct transfer of money to the e-Sharam cardholder, at that time government can easily transfer the money or any other facility will be directly provided to the cardholder. E-Shram Card works like an Adhar card and it is for the lower class people such as small shopkeepers, NREGA workers and other lower-class workers. The focus of the government is to collect data on the data of unorganised sectors and facilitate them with government programs.

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E-Shram Portal

E-Shram Portal helps millions of people register themself as e-Sharam card holders and provides facilities to the lower class people. The eligibility for the Eshram card candidate should shave the age between 16 and 59 years and people should have an Adhaar card for eligibility for an Eshram card. For applying Eshram card candidates should have their Adhaar Card link mobile number and bank account number for eligibility for an Eshram card. Esharam Cardholders can be employed whenever there are nearby government jobs and other facilities of government. There was a lack of people who got employment to we lack of people and helps them by providing facilities to the people. Check all details related to the Eshram Portal from the information mentioned below.

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Eshram Card

E-Shram Card is for people who are below the average class and it helps in employment for the unemployed people. People whose age is above 16 years and person are not taxpayers then he/she is eligible for the Eshram card. so provided facilities to the millions of Indian people who were unemployed and who needed jobs near their area. People can be able to generate their Esharm Card from the government’s official website eshram.gov.in and the card can be generated by using the Adhaar Card number link with the mobile number and Bank Account number of the candidate who is applying for the Eshram card. E-Shram helps people who are looking for jobs and it also gives training to unskilled people. Eshram also helps in providing jobs to different companies. Check all the details related to the Eshram card from the link mentioned below.

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Steps to apply for the Eshram Card

  • Step 1: Go to the Eshram official website eshram.gov.in.
  • Step 2: Click on register on eshram.
  • Step 3: Now enter the Adhar Linked Mobile Number preferred and enter the cspch.
  • Step 4: Choose the EPFO and ESIC and click on the Send OTP button.
  • Step 5: Now enter your Adhar Number and choose any one option of Fingerprint, Iris or OTP.
  • Step 6: Now your details related to your Adhar Card will be visible and click on Continue to enter other details.
  • Step 7: Now register form will be open fill in the details which has been asked and click on save & continue.
  • Step 8: Now enter your residential details which have been asked and click on save & continue.
  • Step 9: Now enter your education qualification, click on save and continue.
  • Step 10: Now fill in details of Occupation and Skills and click on save & continue.
  • Step 11: Now enter your bank account details and click on save & continue.
  • Step 12: Now preview all the details that you have already given.
  • Step 13: Now check the details and click on the submit button if everything is right.
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Eshram Status

Eshram Status can be checked from the E-Shram official website and the candidate can check their card status by login to their Eshram account. Eshram status helps in checking the status of money which is been provided for the people directly to their account and helps in checking the status of their jobs in one place. Check all details related to the Esharam Status from the link mentioned below.

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eShram Card Login: FAQs

How many people benefited from the Eshram Card?

Eshram Card benefits the 38 crore people in the unorganised sector.

Does we can apply for an E-shram Card Online?

Yes, you can apply for the eShram card online by following the steps mentioned above.